Saturday, October 11, 2003

Site's site returns.

I really appreciate it when you write in with news that I can post here. Thank you.

What happened to the guest poster function? Is it disabled temporarily or gone forever?* I'm disappointed because I actually had some news to share -- Kevin Sites's blog is up and running again. He's freelancing and back in Iraq but working for NBC right now.
This is good news. I remember first learning of his site around the time he stopped posting, so it will be nice to read more from him and with any luck maybe see him on tv too.

* The guest poster function is gone for now. I'm disappointed too. It is a wonder more people don't allow guest posting on their pages.

Update: Maybe some folks who use Blogger and would like to allow public posts to their site are not aware of how they can do that. If that includes you, read on for details.

This is how I did it (if you know a better way, please tell me in the comments):
  1. After signing in, select the blue "Settings" tab.
  2. Then select the grey "Members" tab below.
  3. Your name & email are listed with you checked as the Adminstrator. Click on the "Add new team member" button.
  4. Send an invitation to yourself at your own email address. If there's any problem with that, try a different email of yours than the one already listed.
  5. Sign out of Blogger and go check your email.
  6. Accept the team member invitation you just sent to yourself and choose a username & password (not the one that you already use, maybe something like guestof[yourname] instead).
  7. Post the username & password on your page so that anyone who wants to can sign in and post.
Now all you have to do is wait about six months before someone actually makes a public post. Well, I'm just kidding about that part, even if it was true for me. Good luck.

As you may know, people who use the public username/password will not have "Adminstrator" status. This means they can't delete or edit your posts or make any changes to your sidebar of links, page design, etc. It also means that you as the Admin. are able to edit or delete any public post or any images uploaded in a public post.

Monday, October 06, 2003

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