Friday, June 27, 2003

Who's Hottest?

I would have linked this post from Johnny A Go Go about Kris Osborn and Thomas Roberts earlier but I was slower than usual figuring out how to link to the comments. For the record, I think both of those InfoHunks are just oozing with hotness and it's hard to pick one over the other, hair preferences aside.

I've also been meaning to post about Ann's page, The Beautiful CNN Men, which features wall to wall pictures of news men. In her own words,
...That page should make any woman happy or a gay man, whatever, but sorry they are not naked. That is why we respect them. Bill Hemmer has one pic where he is close to being naked, but no cigar.
ACK! I just noticed that her page has hilarious captions/comments from the different men. I won't spoil it for you by quoting them but one of them gives Dr. Sanjay's answer to my letter below about that medical condition known as News correspondent crushitis.

Bonus: This Dan Rather page is interesting. Try clicking on his hand, nose, eyes or hair.

P.S. How does one know when one has spent too much time looking at male anchor bio photos? It may be when one determines that the only anchors who look like they're wearing a tiny hint of lip gloss are Wolf Blitzer and Bill Hemmer.