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Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Hey...this is my first post here. This is a cool thing!

Anyway, I don't know if anyone here is a fan of MSNBC's Lester Holt, but there's a new fan club for him called I Heart Lester Holt.

Lester knows about the group and he checks if you like Lester, let him know and join the group! Thanks!! :)


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Tuesday, April 29, 2003

A Sanjay sighting. I just saw Dr. Sanjay Gupta being interviewed on The Daily Show a few minutes ago. Woo-hoo!

He was wearing a purple shirt - no tie, no jacket. Double woo-hoo!

Oh yeah, the interview. That was good too. Dr. Sanjay told his war stories, including the one about the time he used sterilized Black & Decker drill bits (from the drill used to set up a tent in the desert) and scissors to perform MacGyver-style neurosurgery. The crowd audibly recoiled at his mention of the Black & Decker. Hee-hee.

By the way, I love The Daily Show even when Sanjay Gupta's not on it. Why? I have two words for you ladies and gentlemen -- Mo Rocca.

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Monday, April 28, 2003

That's wonderful that Daniel beast! I'm a huge fan and had actually meant to mention InfoHunks to him, but someone beat me to the punch. Love your site Guava. Keep bringing on the sexy news men! A.

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Saturday, April 26, 2003

Sieberg speaks. I checked my email this morning and noticed this message:
From: "Sieberg, Daniel"
To: "''"
Subject: Burning ears
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2003 14:29:01 -0400

Hey Guava!

Someone mentioned your InfoHunks page to me the other day, and I just wanted to say how flattered I am. I'll pass it along to Dr. Sanjay as well -- he sits just upstairs from me. Love your site, hope all is well!

What a pleasant surprise! Having just taken another look at my post on Daniel Sieberg, I must say that I'm glad he's flattered (as opposed to offended...or insulted...or freaked out). Call me naive, but I never really gave much thought to the idea that one of the objects of all this InfoHunk admiration might visit this page.

Now that I have given it a little thought, I am quite mortified and very hopeful that Dr. Sanjay Gupta has (mercy on me and) an extremely healthy sense of humor.

P.S. Thanks to whoever mentioned the InfoHunks page to Daniel Sieberg. Contact me for your payment. :)

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Sunday, April 20, 2003

Sad News: The Abrams Report has been cancelled. A fan of Dan Abrams has started a petition to let MSNBC know that we're disappointed with their decision to do this and are hoping they'll reconsider and bring the show back. I know it won't really change any minds in Secaucus but it's a great way to show some support for Dan and the people that worked on the program. If you're a fan of Dan and his show, please sign it. Thank you!


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Thursday, April 17, 2003

Got Gupta? The Atlanta Journal-Constitution published an article on Dr. Sanjay Gupta earlier this month. It has a few personal details that may be of interest.
For Gupta, who's 33 and single, it's another example of a career that's taken multitasking to new heights...His father and mother...both retired Ford engineers who live in Novi, Mich., say it's always been this way for their oldest son...

Gupta grew up in Livonia, Mich., and Novi, where his early interests included medicine and acting. After graduating from Novi High School, he earned his undergraduate and medical degrees from the University of Michigan.

While a neurosurgery resident at the University of Michigan, he was chosen to serve as a White House Fellow...

He was assigned to Hillary Clinton's office, where his mother says he was praised by the then first lady for writing speeches that touched people's hearts...

Although Gupta now divides his time between Atlanta and Manhattan, he remains close to his parents and his only sibling, a younger brother who lives in Lansing. His mother spoke to him by phone last week. She's been busy videotaping all of his CNN appearances.
Alas, this article has no updated poolside pictures. In an attempt to compensate for this paucity of poolside pics, I tried making an AIM icon out of an old one.

This was inspired by the pretty AIM icons at the Dan Abrams Fanlisting and maybe too much Diet Dr. Pepper.

I don't know how to use icons on AIM, but if you do (or even if you don't) you're welcome to it.

Here's an old photo of him from his days as a recent graduate.

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Tuesday, April 15, 2003

So, I'm ashamed to admit that I cracked and got a 2 week free trial for that pass to view the archives of video newsclips.....*just* to see sanjay in action and so I, too, could see him demonstrate a dirty bomb, in about a 2x2 inch size window on my screen.
I wonder if he's part of South Asian Journalists Association? Ok, off to cancel the trial before they charge my card.

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Finding photos. Thanks to a link from the Abrams Fun Links page on the Dan Abramania site, I learned of another way to search for photos of news anchors - searching the WireImage collection.

Some of the pictures are a bit small but your eye squinting muscles probably needed a workout anyway, right? For your perusal:
  • Dan Abrams - The link that started it all. I need to check in more often over at Blue Earth's Dan Abrams because I had no idea he was with girlfriend.

  • Wolf Blitzer - Is he putting the moves on Connie in one of those pics? Maybe someone should tell Maury.

  • Peter Jennings - I remember seeing that Grateful Dead concert pic a long time ago. His son looks just like him with curly hair.

  • Anderson Cooper - Well, uh, he's smiling in one of them.

  • Tom Brokaw - As you may have guessed, my WireImage searches for Bill Hemmer, Sanjay Gupta, Terry Moran, etc. turned up nothing, so I'll stop now instead of linking you to paparazzi-style photos of Dan Rather. His die-hard fans probably already have the autographed versions.

In other photo finds, I recently noticed two more photos of Michael Okwu. No squinting required if you click on them.


P.S. Ann put in a request for more Sanjay Gupta photos and a few recent comments seem to be about him, so I'll see what I can do for you folks next time.

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Sunday, April 06, 2003

Aaron Brown. Some recent Boondocks comic strips poked fun at Brown and his style.

4/1/03 - Huey doesn't seem to like Brown's overly emotional style. I wonder if that's something inherent to Brown's personality or if skewed focus group studies have led him to believe that he can make gains with female viewers ages 21-52 by being that way.

4/2/03 - Brown being unbearably nice to an embedded reporter.

4/4/03 - Can't tell if this one's making fun of polls, Brown or both.

I remember Brown broadcasting from the Minnesota State Capitol building and telling the story of his last visit there. Apparently he was kicked out as a school boy on a class trip for being naughty and testing out the building's echo capability.

According to the NY Post, Brown may have been naughty even more recently.
Even before the event of last Saturday, there had already been friction between Brown and the cable network's management - who have nicknamed him "Arrogant Brown."
I also liked this quote from him:
Brown, an avid golfer who carries a seven handicap, told a newspaper that he decided not to try to fly from the tournament in Palm Springs to CNN's L.A. offices "because I didn't have any clothes."
P.S. I'm impressed by how many Yahoo groups this man has going for him and by how many of them include the disclaimer, "THIS CLUB IS FOR PHOTO VIEWING ONLY."

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Friday, April 04, 2003

Speaking of Sanjay... Patty's post reminds me that earlier this week Gupta's old InfoHunk profile got noticed on a discussion board in a thread on journalists of South Asian background who are covering the war.

This brought to my attention some problems with the old profile, the most severe of which involved the loss of shirtless pictures online. After digging around in my recycle bin I fixed the old post.* You should be able to freely gaze at poolside Gupta any time you want now, provided you don't have fear issues with body hair.

*Visually. The writing is unchanged despite my frequent urges to delete the whole thing.

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CNN Medical Correspondent Sanjay Gupta, a trained neurosurgeon, performed emergency brain surgery at a U.S. field hospital in south central Iraq in an attempt to save the life of a wounded Iraqi boy.

Patty (This is my first post here and I hope it works.)

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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

A Quest comment. I found this recent comment hiding after an old Richard Quest post.

Here it is in all of its loveliness:
My name is Laura, I'm Spanish and I love Richard Quest since the first time I saw him on TV, three or four years ago. I'm travelling to London in May. I'm going to live there with a friend and I promise that the first thing I'll do will be looking for Richard Quest. If nobody loves him, I will. If nobody calls him I will. This is totally true, and if you could tell me his e.mail address I would be the happiest woman in the world. I'm a bit young for him but I don't care because I really want to know him and have a drink with him, or two. Lots of kisses Richard. Your friend for the future, Laura. Remember my name because I'll go and look for you one day of May.
Dear Laura,

Thanks for writing. I always suspected that Richard Quest's appeal was international. Have a safe trip to London and please consider posting here to provide an update on your efforts to meet him and/or the actual meeting. According to Quest Quips, which is devoted to Quest coverage, he can be reached at I agree with you about the age issue, for the most part. Age is no matter when it comes to InfoHunk infatuation.

Buena Suerte.

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