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Sunday, March 30, 2003

Dan Abramania's arrival on the InfoHunks scene is notable for its breadth and depth of information and opinions on Dan. The Abrams Coloring Page and DANcounters are fun features for the entire family.

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Posting problems.

1. The permanent links for the 2/6 - 3/14 posts aren't working properly. This means little to whoever may read this (although there do seem to be more referrals from outside sources nowadays), but it bothers me because I like to link to the posts about particular InfoHunks by their names on the list at right.

I've written Blogger Control about this issue, and if I don't hear soon I'll try the Blogger User Support group. I'm almost positive it's something I've done that's messed things up, but knowing this is not helping me solve the problem.
They work now. Yay!

2. No one besides me posts here. This is not really a problem, as I freely grant everyone permission to not post here, and especially to not read InfoHunks. (How kind of me.)

But it has made me think of why. A couple of possible reasons:

     a. If you had anything to post you could post it at your own place.

     b. If you didn't have your own place you could easily create one and it would probably look better than this and have working permalinks as well. This is a great idea. I've always hoped for the proliferation of beautiful InfoHunk-ish sites.

So, feel free to post links to your InfoHunk stuff and updates. I'll probably link you myself anyway if I find you in the referral records or through google searches for "sexy Lou Dobbs" but it may take a while. Think of this place as having infinite PostAd opportunities for your InfoHunk content.

Anyway, it's just an idea, and a desperate one at that.

3. This page and its posts looked completely unreadable on some earlier version of IE that my sister had on her laptop. I'm not sure I know how to do anything about that, but the designer has done a nice job of keeping things readable on the latest versions of IE and Netscape.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Smiling at Sanjay. War is not a laughing matter, right? And yet, I couldn't help but smile when I saw Dr. Sanjay Gupta on the air last week wearing his flak jacket and hard helmet, looking and sometimes sounding flustered from repeated alerts calling him and the Marines he was with to their bunkers. (My sense of grim humor is not yet so finely developed that I found anything funny about him donning a gas mask.)

I don't think I've had it this good since he demonstrated how a "dirty bomb" worked using a trash can and red mood lighting as visual aids.

Recent interviews with the doctor - Chaotic day for 'Devil Docs', Sirens and 'Bunker, bunker, bunker!'. You can probably see him decked out in protective gear in the video clip offered with the latter. Unfortunately, I can't because I don't have CNN video access.

Related: It seems that CNN has recently spiffed up their anchor bios, including some that didn't provide photos, with newer larger photos. Nice. Here are the pages for Sanjay Gupta and Michael Okwu.

Remotely related: I signed up for a BlogSnob ad for InfoHunks. These ads should be up on the pages of others who signed up, kind of like the one on the right side of this page under "Possibly of interest." The three ads I wrote are:
  • Eyewitnessed news guys
  • Paging Dr. Sanjay Gupta...
  • "Satellite studs" wasn't tacky enough.

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Friday, March 14, 2003

Kevin Sites. I remember spotting him on CNN one day and thinking that he was InfoHunks-worthy. Blogger currently highlights Site's site, where he began posting written and audio accounts from the Middle East earlier this week, as a blog of note.

His Bio page has photos. Make sure you're sitting down if you decide to view them. It's not often that InfoHunks can direct readers to that much news guy skin (in a t-shirt too!), and I wouldn't want you to feel like I didn't warn you. The page also links to this LA Times article about Sites and another foreign correspondent.
Arnot and Sites are not just foreign correspondents. They are what is known in the trade as one-man bands -- or what Sites calls "sojos" (solo journalists).
Update: CNN asked Sites to "suspend" his blogging.

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Sunday, March 09, 2003

Gideon goes to the Gulf. After completing war reporter boot camp at a base in Quantico, Virginia Gideon Yago traveled to Kuwait where he snapped photos, interviewed youth and chronicled his stay in diary format.

Here's an excerpt from his coverage.
If I could draw one analogy between Kuwait City and any place, it would be Kuwait City and Vice City -- as in "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." My producer Megan gives me a lot of crap for the number of times I bring this up in any given day but she's never played the game and it's god's honest truth if I've ever uttered one. The sweet beachfront property and the rough ghettos, the sports boats and helicopters, palms and jet skis, huge artillery and pop radio stations. They're even roughly the same size...

Kuwait City is dominated by portraits of its shiek, Jaber Al-Sabah...His royal palace is about three times the size of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and it makes Puffy's crib in the Hamptons look like my dilapidated Lower East Side apartment.
"Diary of Gideon in Kuwait" airs 10 p.m. Monday on MTV.

More photos of him here, where he was featured as one of Teen magazine's hottest stars under 25. Don't miss the "Don't squeeze the Gideon" shot.

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Saturday, March 01, 2003

Sieberg sans spectacles. Just in case you were curious about how this tech correspondent looks without them.

So you prefer the glasses, do you? No problem. Most pictures have him wearing rectangular frames as part of his geek chic tech uniform, which includes slightly electrified hair, longish sideburns, creative facial hair and either a tie or jacket but never both.

Those are not the only options. He has also appeared with hair frosted and not frosted, unless the lighting is playing tricks on my eyes.

Hmm, it looks like he may have dyed his "flavor-saver" at some point. Actually, I'm not sure if that's the proper name for the patch of hair below his lip. This article suggests "cookie duster" and "soul patch" as alternatives. Whatever it's called, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a first for a news correspondent.

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