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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Rather rules. Well, someone who called the Howard Stern show thinks he does, anyway. From The New York Observer.

Do You Have Brian Williams in a Can?
STERN: Fantastic. Hello, who is this? You slept with three midgets?

CALLER: Yes I did. It was amazing.

STERN: Now tell me about it. How did you meet them?

CALLER: Well, I was at this bar, and I saw them walk in, and I walked right up to them, and I said, "DAN RATHER RULES! CBS NEWS ROCKS!"

STERN: What?

CALLER: You're an idiot! Long live CBS News!

DELL'ABATE (interjecting): That was a prank, Howard.

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Sunday, February 02, 2003

Abrams again. I thought I'd start a second post for Dan Abrams because the first one already had a few updates. Here are a few links found through referrers (or more acurrately my fellow search result companions for "dan abrams sexy").

Sexy Dan and Me - I like reading about the experiences of people who've had their calls or letters taken by him on the air and this is a nice account of just that. There's just something about disagreeing with someone who's smart and sexy.

The Dorky Legal Guy. His words not mine, in an article from before the time People's 2nd Annual Most Eligible Bachelors issue hit the stands. A little modesty is always appealing, in my opinion.
The jury's also in favor of NBC legal correspondent Dan Abrams. He says, “When I think People magazine and eligible bachelors. I’m thinking . . . Ben Affleck and George Clooney. Not the dorky legal guy from NBC.”
Update #1: A page (actually, two pages) of Dan Abrams information and links from It's my Tiny Hiney diary. If it wasn't for this page I wouldn't have known about this story:
DOGGIE DO: Dan Abrams, NBC News's chief legal correspondent and anchor of The Abrams Report on MSNBC, borrowed Cristina Greeven Cuomo's Jack Russell terrier, Calli, to meet women at the USA Networks Search-and-Rescue Dog benefit at the American Park. Abrams was spotted working the room and eventually homing in on a gaggle of seemingly eligible bachelorettes. But we're told that just as things were looking up for Abrams, the women were looking down: Calli was answering nature's call at their feet. (New York Magazine)

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