Tuesday, November 26, 2002

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Who's sexiest at CNN?

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poses this profound question and the poll results. The results seem skewed by the limited choices available for respondents among the pre-selected panel of six contestants vying for the title of "Sexiest at CNN."

I didn't recognize the names or faces of three of these men, due to my own InfoHunk ignorance and/or CNN's high turnover rate (the poll's about a year old).

Eye job is just a reality of TV news business

While ostensibly about Greta Van Susteren's eyes, this article also features a discussion of how "whatever the women have to put up with, the men do, too." InfoHunks is proud to contribute to creating an equality of oppression in this area.
... Anyone who thinks otherwise probably believes Bill Hemmer is a weekday anchor on CNN strictly on his journalistic credentials.

"The men feel just as much pressure as the women to keep up," Stahl said ...

Geraldo Rivera -- to no one's great surprise -- was a pioneer in public cosmetic surgery for men . . . In 1992, he had fat removed from his buttocks and injected into his forehead." ...

It isn't exactly a secret that sex appeal is considered a winning trait for a news anchor.
What an interesting detour into the history of pre-botox cosmetic surgery. The article also mentioned something about nude pictures of a former NYPD Blue actress/anchorwoman turning up on the Internet. InfoHunks can only hope. With any luck, and for the right price, our contacts will come through with pictures of a jogging-shorts clad news anchor out for his morning constitutional.