Sunday, September 09, 2007 Um, not. And Dylan Ratigan.

He cooks! He reads news! It's Dylan Ratigan with a frying pan. Photo by Rahav Segev for NYT.(He cooks! He reads news! It's Dylan Ratigan with a frying pan and a big stain on his shirt. Photo by Rahav Segev for NYT.)

It was pretty cool being contacted by an NYT writer for some quotes on news anchor Dylan Ratigan. I'm guessing she emailed me because of this post on him, which wasn't actually posted by me but by a guest poster (back when I offered a public username/password for anyone who wished to post here as a guest).

The quotes I offered her on Dylan didn't end up in the article. That's ok - I guess I always knew that was a possibility. I'm a little surprised, though, that they seemed to want to give me some link love but couldn't get the URL right. I actually had an email exchange with the writer in which she explained that the URL worked for her editor, and that the editor had arrived at that URL via yahoo.

Nope. Not buying it.

Anyway, if you want to read the article in The New York Times about Dylan Ratigan, here it is, cutely entitled: "Putting Stock in His Market."

Here's the part that seems to be referring to the comments section on that old Infohunks post about him:

As for his personal life — he was engaged twice but never married — the blogosphere buzzes, and not always favorably. On [Close, but no cigar, NYT!], a Web site dedicated to fawning over TV anchors, one blogger relayed a story about Mr. Ratigan not paying for dinner during a date. The story, he admitted, was true, adding, “I know it sounds like the dog ate my homework, but I really left my wallet at the office.”

He swears he doesn’t read the blogs but his friends, mostly college buddies, think otherwise.

Derek Evans, a film producer and a former college roommate, said of his friend: “For the longest time Dylan would not let me pay for a dinner and I couldn’t figure out why. So I asked some of our friends and they said, ‘Someone wrote in a blog about him not paying for dinner and now he won’t let anyone else pay.’ ”

Addendum: I went back to the article today (9/11) and noticed that the URL was just taken out, not replaced with this one. Ah well, I guess they never intended to give me any link love at all.

P.S. Hello and congratulations to the 3 or 4 people who made it here yesterday by searching for infohunks. Apparently, you have the kind of investigative skills needed to find this site!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Just a quick note - was taken over by someone else (who hasn't posted since 2003 of course). It's not mine, even though the URL would suggest otherwise! is still mine, and maybe there will even be new posts one day.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Would everyone please visit Bip! Magazine Online at
I have little interactive features where I picture two guys and you decide who's cuter. It's kind of silly, and I like to put ugly guys like Bill O'Reilly on there along with the hotties, but it's fun.
By the way my favorite Infohunks are JON STEWART and KEITH OLBERMANN, and also TOM BROKAW-- okay, so he's 64. Big deal? He's gorgeous now and always has been and is a hell of a journalist to boot. Oh, I kind of think Anderson Cooper is hot, too.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Forty and fine.

Sometimes I listen to The Tavis Smiley Show on the radio on the way home. Tonight's show was a birthday tribute to him.
Happy 40th, Mr. Smiley!
TSU = Tavis Smiley University?
Smiley's sweet
Tavis & family

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Dan Abrams talks about testicular cancer.

"Today I spoke publicly, for the first time about what had been a very private matter... my bout with testicular cancer. Until now, it is a topic I had only discussed with a handful of friends and family. But for Sean Kimerling, I think I would have kept it that way." - Battling testicular cancer, Breaking the silence about a private matter.

If you watch the free video you'll see Dan Abrams telling the story to Matt Lauer. Is it terrible of me that I kind of wanted Dan to go into more detail when he told Matt about the importance of self-exams? I suppose it is.

Let me try to make it up to humanity. In the spirit of this button & numerous costumes like this one please accept my offer of a free exam.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Darn Cute...Joe Scarborough

If ya'll watched the convention coverage on MSNBC, you probably got a glimpse of this charismatic guy...he did "After Hours" with Ron Reagan and it was no-holds-barred and hilarious. He hosts Scarborough Country at 10ET on MSNBC (you should watch it!), and he just wrote a book. Although he's a former Repub. congressman, he doesn't mind criticizing his side when they need it.

His good-natured, irreverent directness and passion for democracy is entertaining. And his appealing, boyish, I don't-care-who-I piss-off charm is pretty darn sexy. I first heard of him during the FL recount mess, when he was younger and had bigger hair, but I really noticed him after I'd watched his show for a while and realized how funny and sharp he was.

Joe is known for being a "regular guy" and not your typical conservative. He sang and wrote music for his own rock band called Regular Joe, which played at the 2000 Repub. Convention, and also ran a quirky independent newspaper in FL. Besides his show, you can catch him doing appearances for his book coming out this week.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

David Muir.

One night when I couldn't fall asleep I watched World News Now, the news show for insomniacs, and noticed David Muir. He very much reminds me of the kind of catalog model whose picture might get ripped out of a magazine and taped up on the bedroom wall.

Having only seen him maybe two or three times before, I was disappointed to find out that very night was his last on the show. But it was a nice show that featured several humorous clips of his tenure at WWN, including a lengthy montage showing him patting his hair into place over and over again.

It's not just his hair that's stylish. According to a poster at the Television Without Pity Forums, "David Muir looked so cute when he was in New Hampshire for the Primary with his Burberry scarf on -- best I had ever seen him before."

When his replacement came up to the anchor desk on the show I watched, Muir called him co-anchor Tamala Edwards' "new tv anchor-husband." Replacement guy was also called Tamala's "new mail order anchor husband." Someone send me that mail order catalog pronto! (Just for browsing, of course.)

Speaking of tv-anchor husbands, is Wolf Blitzer Judy Woodruff's? I still remember one moment during the Democratic National Convention, right after (some of;-) the balloons and confetti came down, when Woodruff reached over to Wolf's face and picked off a piece of confetti from his temple. Hot! (Or to be scientific, at least a 4.2 on the Blitzer Scale's spectrum of sexuality.) It could have been hotter if he had some confetti on his beard or pants to brush off but neither Woodruff (nor InfoHunk admirers) were in luck that evening.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Lester Holt

Hey all!

Just an invite to any Holt fans....come join us at

This was formerly the IheartLesterHolt group so if you are a member, please update your bookmarks and your address book! If you aren't already a member, come join us! I'd love to have you. I try to keep you up to date on all of Lester's projects (a task in itself) and I'm always adding


Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Got to get in touch with Gupta? Good luck.

I got an interesting email in response to one of my posts from last year that speculated on how to get in touch with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and with the person's permission, here it is:
Well, I realize I am responding to a blog entry that's about 15 months old, but I thought I provide some perspective on the query around sending a note to Dr. Gupta through the CNN "Ask Dr. Gupta" address.

I am a childhood friend of his, and when he made it onto CNN a couple of years ago, I sent him a congratulatory note through the CNN website, and got nothing back.

Now mind you, rich and famous people probably have people pop out of the woodwork all the time, and perhaps he was a little suspicious. But my point is, he knows darn well who I am, and if I won't get even so much as a "how are you these days" back from him, I doubt stragners will get any responses to things non-medical in nature either.

But it can't hurt to try. As a blog owner, can't you pick up some sort of press credentials and interview him?

Just curious.

...PS - Sanjay was always both gregarious and aloof, simultaneously.
This email brings up the possibility of interviewing news anchors, something I've never really thought of doing before. I'm not sure what I'd ask them anyway, assuming one was willing. But I do like it when people write me, so send me an email anytime.

Speaking of emails, I remember one from another person asking how to get an autographed picture of Jim Cantore. I didn't reply because I don't have personal experience doing this and wouldn't know of what to advise besides the obvious strategy of emailing a polite request to one of the Weather Channel PR folks. Have any InfoHunk fans had luck seeking autographed pics? If so, do you have any advice to pass along to Mr. Cantore's ardent admirer? (Here's some basic info on collecting celebrity autographs that may be helpful.)

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Top 10 infohunks

10. Brian Willams NBC
9. Dan Abrams MSNBC
8. Jon Stewart Daily Show
7. Randy Meier MSNBC
6. Mark Steines ET
5. Joe Scarborough MSNBC
4. Matt Lauer NBC
3. Bill Hemmer CNN
2. Dylan Ratigan CNBC
1. Lester Holt and Keith Olbermann MSNBC

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Gideon = geek chic?

Geek chic is one of the adjectives used to describe Gideon Yago in The Village Voice's "Rage Inside the Machine: MTV News star Gideon Yago incites young voters." I don't think I would've used that particular description (having reserved it for Daniel Sieberg, y'know) but there's no doubting that Gideon Yago is an MTV muchacho muy guapo, or as the caption under his picture in the article says, "Info-hunk." (!)
Yago's nerdy-cute looks and braniac manner remind me of The O.C.'s Adam Brody. Sitting in a restaurant near his office, Yago hides face in hands at the notion that he's a heartthrob. But just as Stewart (an MTV alum) smuggles pointed political analysis inside snarky jokes, Yago's geek chic could make civic duty look cool.
Attention: Gideon grows beard. Can one look scruffy and cute and clean-cut all at the same time? Well, I just link to nice pics. You decide.

USA Today declares him a "sizzling young hunk worth watching in 2004."

He was a guest on NPR's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me" - this page has audio links to the show and a picture of him wearing rose-tinted lenses in what looks like Iraq.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Dylan Ratigan

There is a man who is sexy and smart. He hosts Bullseye on CNBC. His name is Dylan Ratigan! He needs your loving!

Friday, July 02, 2004

Cash = quirky camp.

I enjoy listening to Cash Peters on Marketplace.

One day I decided to look him up on the net.

Now I enjoy looking at Cash Peters too.

Other places to hear/read Cash Peters:

The Savvy Traveler
BBC - Five Live
Gullible's Travels

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ali Velshi

For those of you into short bald guys, check out Ali Velshi on CNNfn. Yummy.