Monday, September 06, 2004

Darn Cute...Joe Scarborough

If ya'll watched the convention coverage on MSNBC, you probably got a glimpse of this charismatic guy...he did "After Hours" with Ron Reagan and it was no-holds-barred and hilarious. He hosts Scarborough Country at 10ET on MSNBC (you should watch it!), and he just wrote a book. Although he's a former Repub. congressman, he doesn't mind criticizing his side when they need it.

His good-natured, irreverent directness and passion for democracy is entertaining. And his appealing, boyish, I don't-care-who-I piss-off charm is pretty darn sexy. I first heard of him during the FL recount mess, when he was younger and had bigger hair, but I really noticed him after I'd watched his show for a while and realized how funny and sharp he was.

Joe is known for being a "regular guy" and not your typical conservative. He sang and wrote music for his own rock band called Regular Joe, which played at the 2000 Repub. Convention, and also ran a quirky independent newspaper in FL. Besides his show, you can catch him doing appearances for his book coming out this week.