Thursday, August 26, 2004

David Muir.

One night when I couldn't fall asleep I watched World News Now, the news show for insomniacs, and noticed David Muir. He very much reminds me of the kind of catalog model whose picture might get ripped out of a magazine and taped up on the bedroom wall.

Having only seen him maybe two or three times before, I was disappointed to find out that very night was his last on the show. But it was a nice show that featured several humorous clips of his tenure at WWN, including a lengthy montage showing him patting his hair into place over and over again.

It's not just his hair that's stylish. According to a poster at the Television Without Pity Forums, "David Muir looked so cute when he was in New Hampshire for the Primary with his Burberry scarf on -- best I had ever seen him before."

When his replacement came up to the anchor desk on the show I watched, Muir called him co-anchor Tamala Edwards' "new tv anchor-husband." Replacement guy was also called Tamala's "new mail order anchor husband." Someone send me that mail order catalog pronto! (Just for browsing, of course.)

Speaking of tv-anchor husbands, is Wolf Blitzer Judy Woodruff's? I still remember one moment during the Democratic National Convention, right after (some of;-) the balloons and confetti came down, when Woodruff reached over to Wolf's face and picked off a piece of confetti from his temple. Hot! (Or to be scientific, at least a 4.2 on the Blitzer Scale's spectrum of sexuality.) It could have been hotter if he had some confetti on his beard or pants to brush off but neither Woodruff (nor InfoHunk admirers) were in luck that evening.