Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Brian Williams.

Brian Williams is almost a cool guy when he's not doing the news - I'm thinking of his appearances on various late night shows. He seems more human when he's being interviewed and his sense of humor gets across better. Where does that guy go when the Nightly News comes on? Ok, I suppose most news anchors can't really afford a robust sense of humor, let alone someone with such a big chair to fill as Brokaw's heir apparent.

Special InfoHunks Correspondent George sends us news via BuzzMachine of Mr. Williams showing that other side of him.
Searching for Brian Williams - NBC Nightly News anchor-in-waiting Brian Williams, who has a dry but practiced sense of humor, got a great laugh out of a crowd in Orlando, Fla. recently, telling them about a very thorough security search he was subjected to at the San Diego airport.

The security detail really gave Williams the once-over, obviously unaware of who he was...

But as Williams told the story in his speech, he joked that while being questioned by one security official, he saw another one putting on a pair of rubber gloves. The Orlando crowd began laughing and Williams said, "You're way ahead of me, you know what's coming next."

...Williams wasn't subjected to a strip search or a body-cavity search. He was just the victim of an "overzealous" Transportation Safety Administration employee who was especially dilligent.

An NBC spokeswoman, acknowledging Williams' sense of humor, thought everybody hearing Williams' speech knew he was kidding...

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Even at a young age, Mr. Williams was not shy about approaching those in power.

In November 1966, at age 7, he wrote a letter to Lyndon B. Johnson, then mired in the Vietnam War, at least partly to encourage the president to "buck up.''

"I have not ben in the White House befor,'' Mr. Williams wrote at the time. "But I will some time.''