Monday, February 23, 2004

Watching Wasow.

If you're lucky, you've seen Omar Wasow when he was on MSNBC or on NY's wnbc reporting on internet issues or showing Oprah stuff like how to DJ a party with her own laptop. I can't imagine her doing that, but it's not hard to imagine one reason why she might like having him on the show from time to time to talk about technology.

He's easy on the eyes.

Others seem to agree.
Mr. Wasow, a Stanford graduate, is wearing a hand-tailored blue suit and an apricot-colored shirt. He has model good looks. He was named the sexiest Internet executive by People magazine in 2000.
- NYT, Entrepreneur Takes Black-Oriented Site Out of Red (The article has a picture of him in the aforementioned apricot-colored apparel.)
At the very least, one hopes for minimal interruptions when this mesmerizing baritone opens his mouth to speak. The dreadlocked cybersuperior by the name of Omar Wasow, with his warm, chestnut eyes and charming smile, would cause just about anyone to blush. But what's cool is that he doesn't know it.
-, Too Sexy, Charisma, charm, wit, success...maybe some people do have it all. Meet 11 of today's sexiest entrepreneurs.