Saturday, February 07, 2004

Mo' Mo please...

One of the few good things about those "I Love the 80s/70s" shows is that Mo Rocca is one of the people who weighs in with his opinions on those decades. Qualify him as a fake infohunk like Jon Stewart if you must, but there's nothing fake about his dorky sex appeal.

I haven't seen him lately on The Daily Show or on CNN and never did catch him hosting Smoking Gun TV. That's a shame. Mo' Mo please!

Mo Rocca brings the Babes in bow ties brigade to a grand total of two. Assuming that they tie those little bows all by themselves, it probably says something good about their dexterity. ;-)

And: Mo Rocca on the Democratic candidates.
On Dick Gephardt: "It saddens me that America is clearly not yet ready for an albino president. We're just not there yet."
A transcript of Mo answering online questions - he gives people serious answers too, about his personal background, career history, etc. That is, for the most part...
Baltimore, Md.: Whom else do you respect doing satire right now?

Mo Rocca: Brit Hume.
Bowtie bit: Mo Rocca dishes on "The Daily Show," politics, porn, and his famous bow ties.
He is also famous for his signature bowties, but confessed: "It's kind of a skeleton in the closet, but I don't think I tie them correctly. The bottom right end of it always flops down and I basically have to prop it up. I would urge people to stick with the long necktie. I adopted the goddamn bowtie to stand out," says Rocca.
Plus: Mo Rocca brings monkey business to show business - has some verrry cute pics & other good stuff.

Thursday, February 05, 2004

InfoHunks news.

"Blogsphere tunes in to hunky news anchor" links to InfoHunks!
There's an interesting buzz going around the blogsphere these days, and its focus is a new genre of celebrities: infohunks...
Read the rest here. This article mentions Anderson Cooper as an example and lists a few sites for him - my favorite is The Anderson Cooper Fan Club and its delightful photo gallery. InfoHunks is mentioned near the end under SIDETRACKS - "Here's a blogspot devoted to all the infohunks out there in 24-hour newsland."

P.S. It turns out the article is carried by more than one online paper, so my ego will not rest until I list every single one known to me.My ego is also telling me to trademark the word infohunk. However my stomach is saying who cares, let's go eat. It's dinnertime!

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Sieberg sans spikes.

Daniel Sieberg seems to be the new host of NEXT@CNN. You can sign up to receive a weekly email from him. I did. Maybe he will write to explain where his blonde-streaked spikes of hair went. Did he leave them at HLN/Hotwired? I missed them this weekend, even if he is just as hunky a host with a smoother hair style. Did you miss them too? Let us commiserate together over a lovely pic of a full head of spikes. And another.

Also noticed: A nice interview with Daniel Sieberg. Find out about his music interests, pets and...immigration status. Check out the banner with a collage of Dan head shots!

The time Dan interviewed Wonder Woman.

Poetry by Daniel G. Sieberg.

Previously: Sieberg sans specs.

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