Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Shihab Rattansi The Newest Infohunk God

Ann: This has got to be the hottest new Infohunk on the Internet. His name is SHIHAB RATTANSI and girls love this guy. Vic knows more about him than the rest of us do so here’s her talk on him. If you join the Yahoo group you will find a bunch of Pictures of this pretty man there.

Vic: Hi Ann. If you haven't yet, join the e-group at , and we've got info on Shihab's birthday and marital status. =) And a link where you can e-mail CNN for a signed photo. Oh, and Elmer...last week and the week before that, Shihab came on at 6 am Ph time, weekdays. Since Stan Grant is back on NBT, Shihab might go back to his usual shift...also on Saturday/Sunday, 1 pm.

Monday, January 05, 2004

Technical difficulties.

Hi there. I noticed today that the link to the Archives page wasn't working. That sucks. I've written to Blogger support for help with this and the other problem, but no answer yet. Maybe this all has something to do with the problem posted about over at the Status.Blogger.Com site. and are not addressable for lots of people because of a DNS snafu. (DNS are the computers that tell your computer what number to go to when you put in a name.) The fix has been pushed, but it could take a while to refresh everywhere. Meanwhile, if you're geeky, you can change your host file to get to Blogger (point to

I don't think I'm geeky enough to do whatever they're suggesting so I think I'll just be sitting tight until things get better....which is a shame because I really wanted to do a post on Satinder Bindra. I would apologize for something but hey, it's not my fault and well, most of you probably can't even read this anyway because you keep getting a page that looks like this.

Update: Just heard back from Blogger support...

Hello Guava Jelly,

Thanks for writing in. The issue you are reporting is a bug that was discovered with our new code build. Please be assured that it is being currently addressed and resolved. I appreciate your patience.

Thanks, Christine

I appreciate your patience too.