Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Got to get in touch with Gupta? Good luck.

I got an interesting email in response to one of my posts from last year that speculated on how to get in touch with Dr. Sanjay Gupta, and with the person's permission, here it is:
Well, I realize I am responding to a blog entry that's about 15 months old, but I thought I provide some perspective on the query around sending a note to Dr. Gupta through the CNN "Ask Dr. Gupta" address.

I am a childhood friend of his, and when he made it onto CNN a couple of years ago, I sent him a congratulatory note through the CNN website, and got nothing back.

Now mind you, rich and famous people probably have people pop out of the woodwork all the time, and perhaps he was a little suspicious. But my point is, he knows darn well who I am, and if I won't get even so much as a "how are you these days" back from him, I doubt stragners will get any responses to things non-medical in nature either.

But it can't hurt to try. As a blog owner, can't you pick up some sort of press credentials and interview him?

Just curious.

...PS - Sanjay was always both gregarious and aloof, simultaneously.
This email brings up the possibility of interviewing news anchors, something I've never really thought of doing before. I'm not sure what I'd ask them anyway, assuming one was willing. But I do like it when people write me, so send me an email anytime.

Speaking of emails, I remember one from another person asking how to get an autographed picture of Jim Cantore. I didn't reply because I don't have personal experience doing this and wouldn't know of what to advise besides the obvious strategy of emailing a polite request to one of the Weather Channel PR folks. Have any InfoHunk fans had luck seeking autographed pics? If so, do you have any advice to pass along to Mr. Cantore's ardent admirer? (Here's some basic info on collecting celebrity autographs that may be helpful.)


Anonymous belinda James said...

What makes people think they deserve a response to an e-mail sent as as result of someone suddenly being in the public's eye?
Where are these "friends" before then or during the struggle one endures en route to their destination?
The very audacity of these people who come out of the woodwork but who were never around at times of great need or lonliness? The bloody audacity!

6:40 AM  

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