Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Gideon = geek chic?

Geek chic is one of the adjectives used to describe Gideon Yago in The Village Voice's "Rage Inside the Machine: MTV News star Gideon Yago incites young voters." I don't think I would've used that particular description (having reserved it for Daniel Sieberg, y'know) but there's no doubting that Gideon Yago is an MTV muchacho muy guapo, or as the caption under his picture in the article says, "Info-hunk." (!)
Yago's nerdy-cute looks and braniac manner remind me of The O.C.'s Adam Brody. Sitting in a restaurant near his office, Yago hides face in hands at the notion that he's a heartthrob. But just as Stewart (an MTV alum) smuggles pointed political analysis inside snarky jokes, Yago's geek chic could make civic duty look cool.
Attention: Gideon grows beard. Can one look scruffy and cute and clean-cut all at the same time? Well, I just link to nice pics. You decide.

USA Today declares him a "sizzling young hunk worth watching in 2004."

He was a guest on NPR's "Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me" - this page has audio links to the show and a picture of him wearing rose-tinted lenses in what looks like Iraq.


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