Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Kris and Ozzy: Father and Son?

This just in: Kris Osborn the handsome hunk that works on CNN has decided to join Ozzy Osborne's family.
It seems as though he thinks his own biological family is to sweet and old-fashioned, and he wants more excitement in his life. He and his newly adoptive father Ozzy have been hang'in out bonding in the bathroom and making heavy medal music together. Ozzy is so happy to finally have a intelligent normal child for once, and Kris Osborn is so happy to be in a family of a bunch of cool freaks. Kris has always been known to have a freaky cool side that he just couldn't show to his nice normal family. Now that Kris is shouting at the Devil with Ozzy on a regular basis he is so much more happier with his lifestyle. Stay tuned for more on this story.

Just a little Parody

Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Sexiest List Top 10

  1. Ash Har Quraishi
  2. Dr. Sanjay Gupta
  3. My 2 Favorites
  4. Anderson Cooper
  5. Richard Quest
  6. Kris Osborn
  7. Bill Hemmer
  8. Shepard Smith
  9. Dan Abrams
  10. Lester Holt
  11. Keith Oblerman

Monday, December 08, 2003

Top 10 sexiest newsmen of 2003

10. Dan Abrams MSNBC
9. Anderson Cooper CNN
8. Dr. Sanjay Gupta CNN
7. Rob Maricano CNN
6. Bill Hemmer CNN
5. Wolf Blitzer CNN
4. Miles O' Brien CNN
3. Shepard Smith FNC
2. Keith Oblermann MSNBC
1. Lester Holt MSNBC

New newsguys.

They're new to me anyway. I'm intrigued by all the names flying around in the comments, especially some of the ones I haven't heard of before. So here's my little effort to be more informed and aware of the many news hunks out there.

Fair or foul, I would definitely welcome a weather report from Guillermo Arduino. I hope I have the chance to see him on tv sometime. He sounds great too - here's an audio sample from a 2000 weather story for your listening pleasure.

Alessio Vinci, CNN's Rome Bureau Chief, Chief Hottie that is. What a jawline and from the looks of it, great taste in ties. All three of these guys have very nice eyes too. Click on their names for the bigger pics provided by CNN.

Shihab Rattansi looks mighty fine in pinstripes, according to his second ever fan page. I'm on board with the mighty fine part and will have to reserve judgment on the pinstripes until I can get a closer look.

Thank you to the commenters (Vic and Ami and probably others of you too) who brought these gorgeous guys to my attention. There are a couple more names I noticed in the comments and would love to know more about, but it is getting late and perhaps you who've actually seen and admired these news dudes on tv would be better qualified to post about them. I can only hope!

Sunday, December 07, 2003

Lester Holt and his sexiness.

Lester is now on fire. Girls, keep watching Lester on Weekend Today. He is so sexy and hot when he is on Weekend Today. Girls, he is a force to be reckoned with.


Hey folks do you remember when you were a senior in High School and at the end of the year for the year book they would vote for the prettiest or the funniest person and put them in the yearbook. Well that is what we are going to do for our favorite reporters. Because the Favorite News man contest got so many nice responses, we are going to hold different contests for different skills or looks or personality. The rules are just like they were for the Favorite newsman. The contest will be held at Infohunks and you place your answers in the box below it, and just like before a website will be made to place your comments and pictures of your favorite news men on them. Please leave a email address as well. You may chose any news man you want. The categories are listed below.


Ok folks vote for the reporter you think is the best looking.
Your favorite eye candy.
Cute…….Hot ……Handsome
You may chose any man you want. You don't have to chose the men in these pictures. I'm just giving you my idea of some handsome ones.


Who makes you laugh out loud. You may chose any news man you want.


The guy you think has the biggest brainpower. Mr. Smarty pants. You can chose any news man you want you don't have to chose the 2 news men in the pictures. I'm just giving you my idea of some intellectual ones.


Who do you think would be the coolest person to hang out with at a party and why?
Mr. Cool...You may chose anybody.