Monday, December 01, 2003


Ok folks due to a cranky person that works at CNN Ann had to destroy the favorite news man website, with all of your nice comments on it. So Sunshine has decided to hold another favorite news man contest at Infohunks. The rules are just like they were before for every vote or comment I get I will post it on a website with a picture of your favorite news man next to it. You have to write ‘MY FAVORITE NEWS MAN IS” and than put the name of your favorite news man for your vote to count. You must also leave a email address or website address where we can contact you to possibly give you the results of this contest. Please give us good comments to tell us why you love him. You can also put as many comments about other news men you enjoy seeing and the more comment I get the more pictures that will be posted on the website of that news man. There is an example of what to do in the comment box below so post your comments and your favorite news mans name in the comment box below too. Ladies or gentleman give us some great comments and tell us why you love your favorite news man.

This time we will let you choose your own news man instead of making a list of them. Patty and Betty I know you love Dan so tell us all about it and get your friends to tell us all about their love for Dan too. Sindhu Kumar, Guava and all the Gupta Girls need to comment for their beloved God Gupta, cause Dr. Gupta and Dan Abrams were the big guys to beat in the last favorite news man contest. We also have the Bill Babies, Scarlet Termite and Jet and Anderson’s Angels Manda Panda and Doreamon to content with this time, and I know Shepard Smith and Lester Holt got a few votes last time too, and I think Joy has fallen in love with sweet Ash-Har Quraishi on CNNI. So folks lets hear your comments on which infohunk you love and tell us why. I hope you all give great comments this time cause we are going to make a awesome website for our favorite news men.

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Sunday, November 30, 2003

A little note.

Or a big one. It's finally your choice now. If you're reading this on Explorer, select "View" on the toolbar, go to "Text Size" and then pick your favorite size. I hope it works.

I changed the font sizes that came with this template design from numbers like 10px, 12px, etc. to sizes like "small," "medium" and "x-small."

I never meant to be a FontBitch, it just took me a while to figure out a way to do this and then get around to it. Please extend my apologies to your eyeballs.

P.S. If you really like the way it looked before, 1) I'm impressed that you notice the minor difference and 2) selecting "Smallest" from the "Text Size" selections should take you back to that look.