Saturday, November 15, 2003

Dan Abrams Look'in Good

Dan Abrams looked so cute in this picture he made this bird just freak out.

Love On Leon Harris

The cool Leon Harris Walk. Could this man get any cooler? I just want to say many people miss this man on CNN and I remember how he used to say things that would make me laugh so I thought I would put this funny little skeleton next to him.

Shepard Smith a Loved News Man

Sunshine Says: Hey I have been watching Fox news a lot lately and discovered this fine news man that people had told me about. His name is Mr. Shepard Smith. I got his picture from GO GO Mags. Website. Don Thompson runs GO GO Mags so if you would like to see more of your Favorite Talking Heads pictures it's a great place to get new pictures. I would ask Dons permission first cause it is common courtesy on the Internet to do so.
Post by Sunshine