Saturday, September 13, 2003

Back in business.

InfoHunks will resume shortly, with no change in location after all, thanks in part to some nifty new free features like spellchecking, draft posts and future/past posting. (More details here.)

I would like to offer you all an explanation for why posting/comments/etc. have been interrupted for longer than I expected. However, I'm pretty sure it'd bore you out of your gourd that kind of information is reserved for paying subscribers who will also receive a complimentary cheese basket as my way of saying thanks for sticking with me during the down time.

I'm considering sending out team member invitations to everyone who has signed up for Bloglet updates (that's right, all 8 of you!) rather than having a public username/password. But, before I make a decision on that....coming up after the break...stay tuned for the next segment: Four Foxy News Dudes.

Oops: While I was considering whether to invite all Bloglet subscribers to be team members, I inadvertently sent out invites to the first three on the list. Just cancelled those invites, so please don't take it personally if you try to accept the invitation and can't.