Saturday, August 23, 2003

Jim Cantore

Pinkpanther here, best known to the Gupta girls for her inside info on our dear Sanjay. Well, just happen to have a little on Mr. Cantore as well. A friend of mine worked as a producer for "Storm Stories" and had to travel with Jim a number of times. Big time player, people. Big time. And big time partier too.

Friday, August 22, 2003

Another Fine Pinkpanther Report on Riz Khan and Sanjay Gupta at a Bollywoods Awards Show

I did have a camera when I saw Sanjay, but I was too embarrassed to take a picture. I know you're all wanting to kick me now, but in the moment you just want to be cool, especially since I was sitting with all these celebrities. I did get to be on tv though, which was fun. And oddly enough got interviewed by Riz Khan. Any of you remember him from his CNN days? Another Indian hottie, with a British accent to boot. I was so flustered I hope I didn't come off as a blubbering idiot. My friend who interened at CNN in '95 said he was a big player and hit on all the interns. So there's a little Riz gossip if any of you are fans. Have to say though, he seemed like a jerk. Not nearly as warm as our dear Sanjay. Will keep you posted if I happen to see Sanjay again or get any more info.

Attention Keith Olbermann fans!

"We, the undersigned, respectfully request the establishment of an official Keith Olbermann Fan Club." If you feel Keith should have an official fan club, please sign the petition here. Thanks!

Posted by Guest Poster Patty

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

COMING SOON: Kris Osborn Web Site

Dear ladies I’m building a website on one of my favorite news guys Kris Osborn. If you got any info on him please let me know. Maybe you can help me dig up some juice stuff on the BABY FACE INFOHUNK MAN.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Posting pictures.

It's time now for a break from your not-so-regularly scheduled InfoHunks programming for this picture posting announcement.

Do you ever feel the desire to post pictures of InfoHunks here? Go right ahead. One way to do this after signing in is to provide a link in your post to an image that is hosted by you. You can also upload a picture here and include it in your post. Technically, I can delete anything at any time, but if it's InfoHunks-related and used in your post, it will probably stay.

Did you ever feel the desire to have text wrap around your images, but just didn't know how? Me too, until I read somewhere that using an align="right" or an align="left" would do it. Then I came across Mandarin Design's post on image padding ("How do you float your boat?") and found out how to add a nice space between the image with hspace="10" so that the text doesn't go all the way until the edge of the image.

So here's how I got Wolf Blitzer's image with text around it on the right and Tom Brokaw's on the left:

<img src="" align="right" hspace="15">
<img src="" align="left" hspace="10">

You can use 5 or 15 instead of 10 for hspace, depending on how little or how much padding you want for your image. If you want to know more about this kind of stuff, a visit to Mandarin Design will probably be worth your time.

...InfoHunks coverage will resume as soon as you post something...