Sunday, July 27, 2003

Favorite News Man Contest

Dear Ladies
Since there was so many news men that was nominated for the Prettyboys Bachelor list and the Hooked Fish list. There is going to be a Favorite News man contest held here at Infohunks. You see Patty wanted Dan Abrams, Jennifer and Guava seem to really like John King, Sindhu, Ann, Vanessa, and Priyam wanted Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Kim seems to like Carlson Daily and Keith Olbermann. I got a lot of requests for Anderson Cooper and he is winning the sexiest talking heads contest last time I checked, with Bill Hemmer 1 point behind him. I also want to say I have had kind remarks about ABC’s political advisor George Stephanopoulos and Kris Osborn won the last year’s sexiest CNN man on line contest. A friend of mine wanted Wolf Blitzer to be on the list and promised she would vote. Are there any more nominations? Post your nominations either on the main screen, by signing in at blogger by being Guava’s Guest password Infohunks or post it in the comments box below. Remember if you want your vote to count you must say “MY FAVORITE NEWS MAN IS _______?_______.”Also remember you can make as many kind comments as you want about the other news men. When I get a lot of different comments on one of the nominees I will try to post more pictures of him on the Favorite News Man tribute web site. Thankyou ladies for participating. The nominees are:
1. Dan Abrams
2. John King
3. Keith Olbermann
4. Bill Hemmer
5. Dr. Sanjay Gupta
6. Carson Daly
7. Anderson Cooper
8. George Stephanopoulos
9. Kris Osborn
10. Miles O’Brien
11. Wolf Blitzer
Now the voting will be placed in the comment box below, and you must leave either your email address or web site for your vote to count. You see you can only vote one time, but you can leave as many kind comments about your Favorite News man as you want. If your vote goes back to your email or web site than we will know you are probably a real person that hasn’t voted before. So if you want your vote to count, leave your email or web site address and you will be contacted with the results. It will also be posted here and on my blog. The Favorite News men will have a site made by me with your comments placed on them. So whatever you want to say about your favorite news man, say it in the comment box below. I will transfer it to a Favorite News man web site and make a page with just his pictures in the order of the most voted for news man. I am going to hold this contest for sometime to make sure all get to see this and vote.
Posted by Ann Stewart