Saturday, July 12, 2003


Hey Girls! I need your help. I’m writing a Prettyboys eligible bachelors page, I wanted your input on who you think is the best Bachelor and who you want put on the page. If you have a favorite news man bachelor tell me about him and I would like to post what you think might impress the man.
So please Guava, Patty, Kim, Sindhu, Jenny, or any body else out there who might read this, give me some input on your favorite news men bachelors and tell me what you know about them. Is Dan Abrams married? What about Keith Olbermann? And Anderson Cooper? Or Guava do you know if John King is married? What men are single in the news world? My whole site is not based on news men. If it was, I wouldn’t have enough men to build the web page, but I do want as many news men as I can get on the site and I don’t know enough about them to do it. So if you want your favorite man on the list, tell me who he is and tell be about him. I have a comments place on my blogspot under the heading of Prettyboy Bachelors. If you get a chance stop by and add your bachelor man to the list. If you have a married man you want to tell me about, that’s OK too. My next site is going to be called The Fish That Got Hooked. Just make sure you tell me if they are married or not. If you don’t know for sure I can’t use them.
Thanks Girls
I think you are wonderful.
Ann Stewart

Friday, July 11, 2003

Vote early! Vote often!

Ok, people, time to vote: Am I Annoying Or Not?

Keith Olbermann

Dan Abrams

Bill Hemmer

Anderson Cooper

Peter Jennings

Gideon Yago

Posted by Guest Poster Patty

Monday, July 07, 2003

A New Sanjay Site
There's a new Sanjay Gupta site. It has new pictures and a story about one of Sanjay's nights out at an awards show. So if you haven't seen it, check it out, and if anybody finds any new information on Dan Abrams make sure you post it in the comment box. I promised Patty I would look for new stuff on Dan Abrams. Gee I miss Guava. She knows more about other infohunks than I do. I only watch CNN.

Vote For The Sexiest Talking Head
Oh Patty I just found a place that where you can find Dan Abrams pictures and every pretty male infohunk on MSNBC, CNN, and other networks too. It's at Gogo Mag. Right now they are doing a sexiest talking head contest. Click here to check it out and vote. Now you know I voted for Dr. Gupta.
by Ann Stewart

Sunday, July 06, 2003

A silly site about some serious men

Hello I’m a guest speaker here at Infohunks and I would like to thank Guava for coming up with this wonderful web site that I and my friends have been able to enjoy. Thanks to Guava I’ve learned how to start my own blogspot. She has been so much help to me on my web site building.
I have created two sites of common interest to infohunks as well as a news and comments page. I am open to any suggestions on how you think the sites could be better or improved.
The first site is Gett’in Silly with CNN. It’s a comic relief page about
| Dr. Sanjay Gupta | Bill Hemmer | John King | Miles O'Brien | Frank Buckley | Kris Osborn | Nic Robertson | Larry King | Wolf Blitzer | Thomas Roberts | Anderson Cooper |. Sometimes it’s a little to playful, like talking about Frank Buckley’s freez’in pecker, or Sanjay Gupta being wet, naked and happy, but it’s all in respectable fun, and I wouldn’t talk nasty about them if I didn’t love them. So check it out if you get a chance. I am a CNN junky so I spend some time looking at these men. I’ve had time to note their physical characteristics.
The second site is Prettyboys. It has Dr. Gupta and Bill Hemmer on it, and other men I enjoy looking at. If you get a chance go by my blog and give me some comments as I love input and I will post info you give me to my site.
Thanks to all who have visited my page and left comments. Your comments have been very helpful to me in building my site, and Guava keep up the good work. You are a fine blogger.
Ann Stewart