Thursday, June 12, 2003

Commentary from the comments. I just noticed this comment from Amy, and among other things, for example
MSNBC is better than Cinemax's (a/k/a skinemax) soft porn for women! I think the women of my generation (Gen X) have no time for boys - give us men, manly men with brains and a rational opinion and we're like butter!
it mentions her fan site for that witty and winsome news man named Keith Olbermann. *InfoHunk shrine alert* If there's any doubt that Amy's a true fan who would do almost anything for Keith Olbermann, it should be put to rest by the following message:
If at any time Mr. Olbermann would like this domain name, it will immediately be provided to him.
P.S. I've also noticed that one or two of the older comment threads has become a gathering spot for certain Dr. Gupta fans (you know who you are, Gupta Girls...). So now I know exactly where to go for speculation on his marital status and his current whereabouts. Is there a real need for another discussion area for gossip about Gupta? Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, InfoHunks presents


I will try to use Quick Topic pages for other topics as well, if there's interest. If there's no interest, I'll delete this post and we'll just forget this ever happened. Ok?