Thursday, May 08, 2003

That Glass guy. Being seen on TV is not an InfoHunks requirement, though it certainly doesn't hurt. Being heard on the radio can be just as nice, maybe nicer.

I enjoy listening to Ira Glass as host of This American Life. With radio hosts, I often create an image of how they look to go with their voice only to have it shattered one day when I stumble across their pictures. It's not so much that reality is bad or ugly, as it is that my flights of fancy do little to prepare me for real people. (For example, for years I pictured Dr. Drew of Loveline as a more intellectual George Clooney type in his late twenties.)

Imagine my surprise, then, to discover that Ira Glass is basically how I imagined him, a quirky cutie in striking black 50s-style glasses.

I'm a latecomer to the Ira Glass love fest, so I've been listening and reading up on this radio InfoHunk.
  • Someone's favorite episodes of This American Life.

  • "Silence is one of the secrets of Ira Glass' success...Glass takes the medium to a new level by refusing to fill dead air with empty chatter." (Utne.)

  • "This exchange with unlikely 'babe magnet' (according to the L.A. Weekly) Ira Glass is the most interesting part of an interview..." (Mother Jones. Here's another.)

  • He is insouciantly handsome -- in the way that someone who ignores mirrors is handsome, or perhaps in the way that someone who makes you feel important is handsome, or maybe in the way that someone who hasn't changed his manner of dress in decades and whose style has finally come around again is both handsome and hip. (Salon.)

  • "Goony public radio's like, um, irresistible virtuoso." (Horizon.)

  • A CNN profile with a pic. (Two more pics here.)

  • Press clips - many of these are interviews with him.

P.S. Do you know of any other radio InfoHunks? Who? (Please don't say Ryan Seacrest...unless you're prepared to wax lyrical about his hair. :)