Sunday, April 06, 2003

Aaron Brown. Some recent Boondocks comic strips poked fun at Brown and his style.

4/1/03 - Huey doesn't seem to like Brown's overly emotional style. I wonder if that's something inherent to Brown's personality or if skewed focus group studies have led him to believe that he can make gains with female viewers ages 21-52 by being that way.

4/2/03 - Brown being unbearably nice to an embedded reporter.

4/4/03 - Can't tell if this one's making fun of polls, Brown or both.

I remember Brown broadcasting from the Minnesota State Capitol building and telling the story of his last visit there. Apparently he was kicked out as a school boy on a class trip for being naughty and testing out the building's echo capability.

According to the NY Post, Brown may have been naughty even more recently.
Even before the event of last Saturday, there had already been friction between Brown and the cable network's management - who have nicknamed him "Arrogant Brown."
I also liked this quote from him:
Brown, an avid golfer who carries a seven handicap, told a newspaper that he decided not to try to fly from the tournament in Palm Springs to CNN's L.A. offices "because I didn't have any clothes."
P.S. I'm impressed by how many Yahoo groups this man has going for him and by how many of them include the disclaimer, "THIS CLUB IS FOR PHOTO VIEWING ONLY."