Tuesday, December 03, 2002

The story accompanying these photos.

Ari Fleischer. As you may know, Ari Fleischer got hitched last month. The news trickled down to my consciousness a few weeks ago while watching coverage of a White House press briefing. The in-studio anchor (almost suggestively) asked his colleague on location if Fleischer was "still on his honeymoon."

The newlyweds honeymooned for one week. No details yet on where they went, or whether Fleischer fainted from overheating again. It's strictly classified, just like the ring size. But other details are available.

Rabbi, Priest for Ari's Nuptials.
According to press reports, Fleischer, 41, met Davis, 26, an Indiana native and staffer at the Office of Management and Budget, at the White House during the spring of 2001. The couple dated for a year; Fleischer proposed with a Tiffany's solitaire ring on a Sunday afternoon in late April. Prior to his engagement, Fleischer was reputed to be one of Washington's "most eligible bachelors."

Did you forget to buy them a wedding gift? Their wedding date may be long gone but their Target (update: it's gone) and Macy's (still up!) registries are still up with some items remaining to be purchased and others purchased in excess of request. Apparently some folks went overboard buying them bundt pans. They only asked for one and received three! NPR may have something to do with this.

One resource for fans of Fleischer is the Yahoo group called Fleischer's Floozies, which has the distinction of being the subject of a White House press corps question directed at the man himself. Audio of the question and answer (following discussion of Iraq) is available, as well as a written transcript (somewhere in here):
Kinsolving-- I'm wondering if you are aware of the web site that has been set up in your honor, with an excellent photograph --

MR. FLEISCHER: Les, I remind you that sometimes these briefings are televised.

Kinsolving: no, no, no -- eighteen women who note that they "adore White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer." And their web site, of which I have evidence here in my hand, is labeled, and I quote, "Fleischer's Floozies." My question is, surely you would not be so unchivalrous as to dismiss these adoring ladies with either a "no comment" or an evasion, would you, Ari?

MR. FLEISCHER: All I can tell you, Les, is if it's a web site for 18 women, you should not be on it. (Laughter.)
A current glance at the web site in question reveals that there are now 17 members. How intriguing. Perhaps someone became despondent after his marriage and left. Or perhaps #18 was the gal who married him!

And last, but not least, a jacketless pic suitable for hanging in the lockers of young fans everywhere.