Saturday, November 23, 2002

Welcome to InfoHunks

Never heard of them? Try the introduction or some names from the InfoHunk list for an idea of what I mean by the term.

Still here? Great. If you're interested in suggesting someone to be included on this page use the comments or make your own post. If you'd like to contribute something in the form of visuals or writing, even better. Please go right ahead -- just sign in at Blogger with username guestofguava and password infohunks. If you like, add your name and/or URL in the post itself.

Post and publish away! It can be as short as a quick link, as long as those foreign-language furniture assembly instructions, related to the topic of InfoHunks or even indirectly related.

P.S. I'd be especially grateful for local and international InfoHunks finds. Fine newsman specimen that he is, I can only gaze upon Tom Brokaw so many times before I go blind and lose all interest in the news.