Saturday, January 19, 2002

Infohunks--Because Sometimes We Must Fight Prurience With Prurience.

This is unabashedly inspired by and a pointed response to the shrines to infobabes that proliferate on the net.

Also, ogling and drooling while watching the news is an equal opportunity pursuit and I intend to do my part to help bring this side of the playing field up to level. At least one writer has recognized the sexist implications of “leaving out the men” and it’s time for action.

These entries will feature, from time to time, a fine face from the sea of satellite studs. Whether this will take the form of Tigerbeat or Playgirl journalism will turn on what I can find out there and put up here. So, in other words, I need help from those with superior research and web skills (basically, all people on the planet who ever used a computer). Such folks are strongly encouraged to send their submissions, nominations, ruminations, etc.

Current men’s fashion standards will probably prevent fair competition with cleavage shots and virtual upskirt images (can Donna Fiducia and Ann Coulter sue for invasion of privacy . . . or at least get paid per click?) plastered over infobabe shrines. Nevertheless, this endeavor will persevere in the face of such hardships.


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